At Myra, great ideas are developed and implemented in a great way. Myra’s goal is not only to find the best ideas but to develop them in an exceptional manner. We look for and develop concepts until we are satisfied that they are perfect for implementation and then we go beyond.

At Myra, we acknowledge that we work for our clients, not for our own interests. We make sure we know our clients well. Our mission is to understand everything about you; you are our reason for being. Even when we do not know an issue, we become experts on it, to the level where we can surprise even the experts. We produce ideas and implementation wherever needed.

At Myra, there is no distinction between big and small assignments. Whether designing a sticker or producing a multi-media campaign, we are as precise and exacting as we can be, from start to the finish. We work passionately and tirelessly on every single assignment—on every piece of work. What we want is to be able to say “Job well done” on all of our work.

At Myra, we know our race is primarily against time. It is as important to work fast as it is to do it perfectly well. Still, we never sacrifice quality and accuracy in the name of speed. At Myra, we never produce low quality work intentionally. Our reputation is our primary asset, both as a company and as individuals. If our work cannot uphold our commitment to quality, it has no place at Myra.

At Myra, people get their assignments and titles according to their knowledge and experience. Here, getting a title means having more responsibility and working harder. In our teamwork, ’impossible’ is not an option and egos are checked at the door. In our teams, everyone works hard and signs up for responsibility. We are never afraid of taking responsibility.

At Myra, we work with minds that are naturally curious and have social sensitivity; that are concerned about the world around them. We support organizations and initiatives which bring people like us together. We do not make any kind of discrimination. We carefully try to stay away from attitudes and actions that may damage historical or cultural heritage and nature. We, in short, work for positive change.